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Tamaya Navigator NC-2100G

Full Automatic Piloting, Dead Reckoning and Navigation

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NC-2100G NC2100G.pdf (5.16Mb)

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  • Simple operation with built-in programs
  • Course and distance computation
  • Dead reckoning computation
  • Great Circle computation
  • ETA computation
  • Current computation
  • LOP computation
  • Meridian Passage computation
  • Convenient conversions for to HMS and to HHH
  • Long term Nautical Almanac for the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and 63 stars. The built-in Almanac is usable until 2100, it is good with accuracy better than 0.2
  • Twilight Time mode computes time of rise or set, civil twilight and azimuth for the Sun and rise or set, age and azimuth for the Moon
  • Prediction/Identification mode computes azimuth and altitude for all celestial bodies, and displays any usable body above the horizon

    Programmed Navigation Functions
    1. Navigation Computations for Dead Reckoning and Piloting
    PILOT 1
      1) Course and Distance
      2) Dead Reckoning
      3) Great Circle
      4) Composite Sailing
      5) Estimated Time of Arrival

    2. Navigation Computations for Current, True Wind, Tide, and Stream
    PILOT 2
      1) Current
    (1) Course and Speed Made Good
    (2) Course and Speed to Make Good
    (3) Course to Steer and Speed Made Good
    (4) Set and Drift
      2) Direction and Speed of True Wind
      3) Tide at Standard Port
      4) Tidal Stream

    3. ASTRO.NAV
      1) Twilight
      2) Prediction & Identification
      3) Nautical Almanac
      4) Line of Position
      5) Position Fix
      6) Meridian Passage

    4. SEXTANT
      1) Altitude Corrections
      2) Distance to Object

    5. TIME & ARC
      1) Time computation
      2) Arc computation

    6. TIME Calculations
      1) To HMS
      2) To HHH
      3) Normal computations

    Specifications of PDA
    Operation Touch panel with stylus pen
    Power Source Lithium battery and AC Adaptor(AC100-240V)
    Operating Time Approx. 15 hours for continuous operation
    Charging Time
    Approx. 2`4 hours (4 hours for full charging)
    Operating Temperature 0`45
    Display LCD (65,536 colors) 240 x 320 dots
    OS Microsoft Windows Mobile 6 Classic
    Dimensions 68.9mm(W)~116.7mm(D)~13.6mm(H),or 2.71 in ~0.54 in ~4.59 in
    Weight 114.6g(including battery), or 3.86 oz
    Accessories AC adaptor and stylus pen (For more details on the accessories supplied with HP IPAQ 110 , please refer to the enclosed Getting Started CD.)
    * The design and specifications of the PDA might change without prior notice.
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